17 août 2016

Comparatif - GSA LC, Triumph Explorer, KTM 1290 et Ducati Enduro

Avec l'arrivée de la Ducati, la reine des maxi-trails est-elle toujours la GSA?


The GS is established, it’s loved, and more importantly it works. It may look like a beast but get moving and the GS carries its weight so well.

One thing is for sure, the BMW is so good and one of my favourite bikes of all time. It’s going to be hard to beat.


When it came down to doing everything brilliantly the GS is perhaps the ultimate. Thousands of owners can’t be wrong and it kept me awake at night deciding on the winner of this test. Both the Ducati and the BMW are among my most favourite motorcycles. But when it comes down to it, the Ducati just pips it for me. The extra power, the better handling, the stylish lines, the better electronics, and the way it takes what the BMW started and just eases it all on a few notches means the Ducati is the winner for me. Just.

The Triumph is a fast, comfortable cross-country adventure motorcycle that edges more towards a touring nature than the rest of the bikes. It’s good, but loses out slightly in this incredible company. And the KTM? It’s the most hardcore of the bunch and sits somewhere between the BMW and Ducati in terms of what it offers the rider. But it may be just a bit too hardcore for some. It’s a hard call but for me it’s the Ducati first, the BMW a very close second, the KTM third and the Triumph ending up in fourth place.

However, that’s not the full story. Myself and Michael put the Ducati first and ultimately as this is my test I get the casting vote, but Mark and Phil placed the BMW just ahead. Hear more of our thoughts in the video below.

1 commentaire:

Chouchou a dit…

Better electronics, pas daccord du tout. Il est intrusif sur la Ducat (antiwheeling, abs arr), la gestion des suspensions est a des annees lumieres derriere.

En revanche sur le sex-appeal, et lenvie de ne pas avoir la GS de Monsieur tout le monde, ok.

Quand au loook, il est reussi, c'est indeniable.

Mais sur la partie cycle et surtout, electronique, je suis categorique.