25 février 2014

GSA LC - test Piston Heads

Un test de la GSA en anglais


"The Adventure is a popular model, accounting for half of GS sales in the UK."

"Part of the charm of the bike is that it feels huge, unstoppable and quite probably capable of driving right over any impediment in its way. "

"The longer travel suspension means it isn't quite as planted as the standard GS, and there is a slight feeling of vagueness that takes a bit of getting used to due to the extra spring travel. "

"But once you understand what the Adventure's chassis is telling you it's a very impressive ride. Add into the equation the semi-active suspension, which does a great job of stiffening up the ride when you want to boogie, and you have a bike that not only looks and feels like nothing in the world will stop its progress, but is extremely comfortable to boot."

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